Through the SAB Miller and AB InBev merger in 2016, the company experienced an exciting transition period and they gave a face-lift to their old offices and factories. We gave the offices and factories some unique artworks relating to their company ethos and brand lifestyle which uplifted the workspace for employees and visitors.

Collaborating with Baz Art, we painted a large billboard for the German Bundesliga which has special connections and programs in South African football. We made a promotional video and met with some football legends. The billboard remained as advertising in downtown Johannesburg and the video was used online to promote football.

Converse has been a supporter of creatives for a long time and they contacted us to do a collab with Mars for the “Artist Self-Portrait Series”, which was done with artists from all around the world. The brief for the artist was to paint yourself and incorporate a struggle you had to overcome to get to where you are now. Mars painted a self-portrait depicting his struggle as an artist with colour blindness.

After the success of the “Artist Self-Portrait Series” Converse commissioned Mars to paint a wall for the “All Stars Create Next” campaign. The brief was about creating the "next" moment and Mars decided to concentrate on the inner-city youth. Because downtown Johannesburg was the location of the murals, he gave them a positive message by the people who are relatable to them.

Masslift Africa hired Kudos to add some colour to their office and factory. We painted fun and out of the box colourful graffiti reflecting the company's values and ethics in their employee training area and the parts sales area. In the main reception office we created a timeline of Masslift's history with printed plaques for each date and their Mitsubishi Ninja mascot was used throughout all the artworks to bring it all together. 

Nandos is known and accredited for supporting local art and design. Having never dealt with the local street art world, they broke boundaries with leaps and bounds this time by taking on a brave, new and bold approach to their Nandos drive - through restaurants opening throughout South Africa. Their many talented architects and designers are teaming up with Mars and fellow street artists to create restaurants that resemble works of art and not just simple fast food eateries.

Kudos Creative was asked, along with a few other artists, to do two walls at the PepsiCo head office using recycled materials from their products. For our part we kept it urban with a local flavour, incorporating all of our favourite brands into the mix.

We were also asked to kit out the canteen and tuckshop communal staff lunch break areas. Here we used all the brands again, bright colours along with their key buzz words and a few iconic images. The space was transformed into a relaxing, fun and casual area where staff could take a break away from the daily grind.

Fire and Ice Hotel in Centurion contacted artists Mars and Mein to capture the Fire and Ice ambience and splash it all over the walls. Two weeks of straight painting and over five hundred spray cans later, the result was an outside entrance wall, four floors of inner staircase wall, seven lift landings, a wall outside the conference room and one epic hotel.

For the new Schneider Electric Midrand campuses built in 2014 and 2015, Mars was called in to add some of his creative flair and colourful art to the otherwise dull corporate setting of the warehouse depot and the head office buildings. For the warehouse deopt the company ethos were used, Mars was designated six four sided columns to graffiti on some of the principles Schneider stands for. Ethics, Values, Engagement, Inspiration, Consistency, Growth, Integrity, Leadership, Connectivity and Innovation are also some of the morals the artist believes in. For the head office he worked on concepts with architects from I4C and spray painted on different canvasses such as a wooden wendy house, a steel container and some designer wallpapers. Together they were able to make it a fun and creative environment for all the employees.

Standard Bank head office in Johannesburg re-constructed the whole second, third and fourth floors of their building for the IT department employees working there. Six walls, two on each level, were allocated for artwork that would energise and motivate the staff. Packed with detail, designs and colour staff can spend hours looking at the walls and always find something new.

Being an urban wear outlet Street Fever approached Mars for an authentic graffiti feel for their stores. Rather than using wallpaper they got the real deal, the graffiti fills up the otherwise unused space and gives them an artistic street cred their clients can appreciate. Mars has done over 15 stores country wide and that number continues to grow as they continue to expand and open more stores.

Urban Quarter is a student accommodation based in Pretoria, we were briefed to come up with fun and quirky designs to put all over the buildings. The designs were interactive and related to the spaces that they were in and around. We also painted a nine story lift shaft where the image could be seen through the windows in the lifts, this was a unique and first time idea executed by our artists.

Below are some more of the awesome projects we did and some of the cool clients we worked with. No matter the size, style and concept, we can execute any brief with a creative and artistic flare.